How To Cut Matted Tangled Hair Without Scissors

We are here to teach you how to save your hair that is very tangled matted knotty or dreadlocked without cutting or shaving your hair off.

Why Choose Us?

Well everyone else just wants to cut or shave your hair off.  We respect your right to save your.  We love your love for your lovely hair.  Luke 1:37

Think about it before you listen to whoever is telling you to cut and shave your severely matted tangled hair off!

About Us

Your hair is very important to us.  We want to help you save your hair from the depression of having tangled matted knots, dreadlock clumps and birds nest buns.  Luke 1:37

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We offer professional hair detangler services in most cities and International countries.  

Our detangle techs are mobile and can travel to your location as well.  We want to help you save your hair.